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Juan Villegas

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Juan Carlos Villegas is a Colombian-American artist whose surrealist and magical paintings connect us to a deep reverence for the natural world. Born in Cali, Colombia in 1987, Juan earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Sam Houston State University in 2010, with a focus on drawing and painting. Rooted in philosophy and esotericism, the main themes in his work involve transformation, duality, and ancestral wisdom.

Drawing on a range of artistic influences, from the dreamlike landscapes of Magritte and Dali to the cosmic explorations of Alejandro Jodorowsky, Juan's paintings transport viewers to otherworldly realms of existence. He has exhibited his work in galleries across Texas and has received critical acclaim for his unique style and vision.

When he's not painting, Juan enjoys hiking, meditating, playing guitar and reading the works of writers such as Manly P. Hall, Ted Andrews, and Clarissa Pinkola Estes.

Resident Artist / Curator @ ArtUs Co

Artist Statement

Juan's art is an exploration of the mystical and transformative power of nature. Through his paintings, he invites us to reconnect with the natural world and rediscover our place within it.

Drawing from the depths of his rich imagination and influences of mysticism and the esoteric, Juan crafts vivid and evocative landscapes that transport viewers to otherworldly realms. His work invites us to embrace the unknown, recognize our interconnectedness, and explore new horizons and ways of being, with the aim of elevating our consciousness.

By transcending the boundaries of our everyday reality, Juan's art invites us to expand our minds and to open ourselves up to a world where anything is possible. 

Artist CV

Education ​ 2010 Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art, Sam Houston State University ​ Selected Exhibitions and Events 2024 -Visions Unbound, group show, ArtUs Co. Feb 9 - March 16, 2024. Austin, TX 2023 -Dream State, group show, ArtUs Co. Dec 9 - Jan 28, 2023. Austin, TX -ArtUs Co - The Collective Show, ArtUs Co. Feb 24 - March 19. Austin, TX -Mix N Mash - Alimento Para El Alma, Mexic-Arte Museum. March 3 - 31. Austin, TX -Earth Day Art Exhibit, ArtUs Co. April 22 - May 14. Austin, TX -Art of Consciousness, NOM-MOC-NI Art Gallery. April 22. San Antonio, TX -Realms of Fungi, ArtUs Co. August 18 - Sept 16. Austin, TX -Mystic Mirrors: Transcending the Veil, ArtUs Co. Sept 29 - Oct 28. Austin, TX -Austin Studio Tour WEST, ArtUs Co. Nov 4 - 12. Austin, TX ​ 2022 - Uncensored, group show, SoCo Modern. Feb 12 - 28, 2022. Austin, TX - Prismatic Visions, group show, PSA Gallery. Feb 19 -27, 2022. Austin, TX - Smoke And Mirrors, group show. Almost Real Things HQ, April 23/24, 2022. Austin, TX -2022 People's Gallery Exhibition, group show. The People's Gallery @ City Hall, Opening Reception June 3, 2022. Austin, TX -Art Of Austin Collective group show, The Clever Tiger Gallery, June 11 - July 9, 2022. Elgin, TX -Bodies of Work group show, Something Cool Studios, July 2 - 31, 2022. Austin, TX -Abundance group show, Art for the People Gallery, July 16 - Aug 26, 2022. Austin, TX -Orb Recording Studios group show by Luxe Art Agency, July 30 - Aug 27, 2022. Austin, TX -Latino Art WKND 2022: SOMOS LIBRES group show, Distribution Hall, Sept 16-18, 2022. Austin, TX -Utopia Festival, Oct 14-15, 2022, Reveille Peak Ranch. Burnet, TX -Astronox Festival, Oct 20-24, 2022. Apache Pass near Austin, TX -Austin Studio Tour, WEST @ ArtUsCo Gallery. Nov 5-6, 2022. Austin, TX -Life of H2O, group show, Treegarden. Nov 12, 2022. Austin, TX -MAS Cultura Fest, KMFA Classical 89.5. Nov 18-20, 2022. Austin, TX -Looking Up Mural Fest, Nov 11-20, 2022. Austin, TX 2021 - FLOURISH group show, Art For The People gallery, Oct 16 , 2021- Jan 23, 2022. Austin, TX - 10 Year Reunion Show, Watson Huff Gallery, Dec 18, 2021. Houston, TX - We Speak For The Trees group show and EAST studio tour, Treegarden. Nov 13 - Dec 11, 2021. Austin, TX -Wyld, Wyrd, & Wonderous group show, Private Stock Art gallery. Oct 9 - 29, 2021. Austin, TX - Surreal Nature, Two Person Show with Rosemary Allen. Cherrywood Coffeehouse, July 12 - Aug 23, 2021. Austin, TX -It Takes A Forest. Treegarden, March 13 - May 15, 2021. Austin, TX -Art Of Celebration. Art For The People Gallery, Jan 30 - April 14, 2021. Austin, TX 2020 -For the Love of Art, Austin Art Space, Feb. 14 – March 14, 2020. Austin, TX -The Ancient Ones, two person show. The Clever Tiger, Sept 5 - Oct 3, 2020. Elgin, TX -Austin Art + Love = Home. Art for The People Gallery, Sept 28, 2020 - Jan 23, 2021. Austin, TX -Hope is the Thing with Wings. Treegarden, Oct 25 - Dec 31, 2020. Austin, TX -Austin Studio Tour. Nov 14 - 22, 2020. Austin, TX 2019 -Unveiling Vision, Gallery Lucid, Feb 2 - Feb 28 Austin, TX -Spring Equinox Celebration, CoSM, March 23 Wappingers Falls, NY -Celebration, Art For The People Gallery, Feb 8 - April 27 Austin, TX -Divine Nature, Art Campout, May 25 - 26, Smithville, TX -Allies of Ascension, The Clever Tiger, Aug 3 - Sept 7 Elgin, TX -Fruits of Gaia, Austin Creative Alliance, Aug 15 - Oct 15 Austin, TX -MAPS Psychedelic Science Summit, Fair Market. Nov 1-3 Austin, TX -EAST group show, Pershing. Nov 15-Nov 24 Austin, TX -Art of Healing, 3rd Eye Lounge. Nov 30-Dec 14 Austin, TX 2018 - Almost Real Things magazine "Dream State" Issue 9 Celebration Show, Volcom Garden, Feb 23 Austin, TX. -Two person exhibition at Bouldin Creek Cafe, Feb 27 - April 3 Austin, TX. -Art of Celebration, Art For The People Gallery, Feb 9 - April 28 Austin, TX. -Messengers of the Wind, Russian House, June 29 - July 16 Austin, TX. -One Night Show at J-Squared Studios, Sept 20th Austin, TX. -Merging Perspectives, Collaborative Show. Gallery Lucid, Sept 8 - Oct 14 Austin, TX. -Wet, Wild, & A Wee Bit of Whimsy, Art For The People Gallery, July 13 - October 20 Austin, TX. -Dream, Sly Cat Gallery, August 4 - October 20 Cedar Hill, TX. -Miradas Profundas, Gallery Lucid, October 20 - November 10 Austin, TX. -Honoring Ancestral Presence, Austin Film School, Dec 11 - 13 Austin, TX 2017 ​ -Mural Mashup, Cherry Cola Dog, May 27 Austin, TX. -Art Will Save Us Presents: #1. Cherry Cola Dog, July 8 Austin TX. -Glowed Up, Cherry Cola Dog, July 22 Austin, TX. -Vuelo de Musas, Cherry Cola Dog, Oct 10 - 13 Austin, TX. 2016 -Transformations, Bender Bar Solo Show, Feb 7 - 25 Austin, TX 2014 -Viva La Vida Festival, Nov 10-12 Austin, TX -Mix N' Mash, Mexic-Arte Museum Dec 5 - 30 Austin, TX 2012 -SJC North Art Alumni Invitational No.1, Sept 13 - Oct 15 Houston, TX 2011 -Art Crawl, Nance Street Studios, Nov 23 - 24 Houston, TX -Watson Galleries monthly Group Show Houston / Kingwood, TX. 2010 -Art Crawl, Erie Iron City Works, Nov 23 - 24 Houston, TX -Gaddis Gesslin Gallery Senior Show, Dec 14 - 30 Huntsville, TX ​


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